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Holzweiler Ail Down Vest Black

Ail Vest is a unisex down and feather filled vest from the Holzweiler AW21 collection. The vest comes with front zip closure, double pockets and has the Holzweiler logo on the chest. The Ail vest is composed in a recycled nylon shell and is filled with 80% duck down and 20% duck feather. All our down is responsibly sourced. This guarantees that the animals are not exposed to pain, injury, fear or distress. They are raised free from hunger, thirst and are not being overfed, and the feathers are non-live plucked.

– Avslappet passform. Vi anbefaler å velge din normale størrelse. Vipper man mellom to størrelser anbefaler vi å gå ned en størrelse
– 80% dun, 20% fjær

3,299.00 kr